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Our Products
Shanxi Sincere is specialized in manufacturing, researching, deep-processing, importing and exporting of activated carbon. Main Products are: Coal Based Activated Carbon series, wood based activated carbon series, nut shell activated carbon series. Our products are sold and widely used all over the world.
Our Service
Shanxi Sincere Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional provider of activated carbon. We were founded in 2002. We have excellent production facilities, full line of quality testing instruments, perfect products service system, with technical and testing support of the China Coal Science Research Institute, Shanxi Coal Chemistry Researching Academy and many professional institutes.
News Center
Our business philosophy: Beautifying the environment and sharing development with our clients. We look forward to working and sharing development with you together.
Our Certificate
We are ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System and National Science Foundation (NSF 61)certified company. And we are awarded Health and Safety License by government, and "AA Grade Credit Enterprise" by China Export Credit Insurance Corp., and "Foreign Trade Export Leading Index Sample Enterprise" by China Customs.
Be trustworthy, be practical

Focusing on products, pursuing high quality and development

Shanxi Sincere Industrial Co., Ltd





Address:No.01/11f, Building B, Yuhuayuan Holiday Plaza, No.9 Xiaoqiang Lu, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China

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